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MaryEdna Salvi, Cambridge

Hmm..don't see my post, maybe it takes awhile, anyway it is 2018 and doggone it, between Cambridge and Lowell, i better get to see and hear you this summer or fall. : ))

Sue, Norton ma

You guys rock!!

Steve Lanzillotta, Hanover, Ma

Greetings, I'm the pianist at the Milepost Tavern in Duxbury, MA for 33 years. I caught your show by surprise last Saturday at the Endless Summer Festival in Hull. Just the BEST 90 minute set of music I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!! The pacing, the blend, the mix, solos just the right length, great closing songs "I'll be Around" and the other one about "smiling". A big WOW!! With respect to all genre's of music, imagine the let down when you were followed by a couple of guys singing irish tunes. Look forward to hearing you again. Rock, funk, blues and pop on!!!!

Nancy and Tom, Woonsocket, RI

We love what you do!

Bob Flanagan, Shrewsbury, MA

Hey Johnny, It was great talking with you and Bobby Breeze last night at Chan's.I am the trumpet player that made Peter Chapman drink lots of wine while he gave me a lesson! I wish you much joy, happiness, and a tumultous amount of pay gigs! Friends don't let friends circular breathe. Peace out J!! (tsmile)

Amy Herrera, Southbridge, MA

You are a phenomenal artist, and a sweetheart! I so enjoyed hearing you and dancing the night away when you played Dunny's! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us.:*

Kevin, Worcester, MA

Enjoyed you last night at Dunny's in East Brookfield. Dynamite off the cuff jam on my "Polk Salad Annie" request. Here is a cool live version of it on You Tube. Can't wait for your next gig. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=qz4DvG4bQ2o -Kevin

MaryEdna, Cambridge, MA

I'm lucky to have heard a note from you..never mind a whole night of your gift!! Thanks...and see ya in the neighborhood...once again, me so lucky you play @ the Cantab..hope more often. ;)

Bill, Boston, MA

Hey Johnny! Caught your last show at the C-Note. You guys killed it, man! Good to see you'll be back there in December. Keep doin' what you do!

Amy Cerce, Oakham, MA

Are you going to make any cd's with the Caretakers? Let me know if you do, please.

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